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How Staffing Agencies Vet Job Candidates

Chris Maddaloni

Chris Maddaloni oversees operations at Atlantic Personnel, Inc., an employment agency in Hilton Head, South Carolina. With more than a decade of experience in the staffing industry, Chris Maddaloni connects companies with highly qualified and vetted job candidates.

Staffing agencies undertake the entire vetting process on behalf of their clients to ensure that every candidate possesses the correct qualifications and legal requirements to fill vacant positions. Before contacting job seekers, agencies work with companies to determine the basic technical and physical skills a candidate needs to succeed in the role.
These criteria are used to screen applicants and ensure that only talented and qualified candidates are contacted for interviews. At the interview stage, agencies can further assess potential hires for soft skills, industry knowledge, and cultural fit.
Applicants who are considered for employment may be required to undergo a background check and a credit check. Staffing agency personnel are well-versed in state and federal privacy and discrimination guidelines and process all new hires according to regulations.

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